One7 Disaster Relief (Hurricane Sandy)

In October of last year, Hurricane Sandy ripped through parts of the Northeast United States. Sandy was a category 3 storm at its peak with winds spanning 1,100 miles. Estimated damage at nearly $75 billion, which made it the second costliest Atlantic hurricane behind only Hurricane Katrina. At least 285 people were killed along the path of the storm in seven different countries.


The devastation after a natural disaster cannot be counted just in dollar signs or statistics. Lives are lost, people are robbed of all their earthly possessions, and deep scars are cut into the very fiber of a human soul. It can take years, possibly an entire lifetime to recover from such a tragedy. It’s in situations such as these that God sends One7 to help in any way we can. We partnered up with Pastor Ed Cole and his church of believers in Staten Island. (Visit Salem Church website) We sent two teams at different times to join forces with the group from Salem and help a hurting community try and recover from the storm.

It’s heartbreaking to see piles of what can only be described as people’s lives outside of each house. All of their belongings ruined and pushed to the curb to be picked up and dumped into the garbage. And it’s not just wet pictures, broken furniture, or rotten sheet rock. It’s a lifetime of stories, memories, and whispers of a past that they can never revisit. Our teams met, and had the opportunity to share Christ with, some amazing people. Men and women who had just lost everything, but still clung to the hope that God had not completely abandoned them.

With tears in their eyes, they repeatedly thanked One7 for sending people to help them. One man said he tried several times to get some of his very own family members to help with cleanup, but they never replied. He was surprised, and profusely grateful, that a team of strangers from Charlotte NC would drive 15 hours to help people they didn’t even know.

Our teams made a huge impact on many lives during the two trips. Check out the pictures below. They speak louder than any blog post full of words.


16 thoughts on “One7 Disaster Relief (Hurricane Sandy)

  1. NH

    Our church had a very Spirit filled effort to help those in New Jersey as well. It touched and continues to touch the lives of many. Great story.

  2. forestmtnhike

    Great Story. I’m touched to see all those people helping out. What a blessing they all are to the community.

  3. autisticaplanet

    It is so good to see the young people helping out. If everyone did what they were capable of, this world would be better off.

  4. Joyce

    Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog recently and the follow. I have looked through yours and see the wonderful work you are doing there for the people after Super Storm Sandy. I am a Christian too, and believe it is through God’s people that we can make a difference in the world with our testimony and work we do for Him. Last fall our church had the Convoy of Hope Ministry come and tell us what they have been doing also for the people out there on the east coast and we had a chance to bless them. God bless you all as you continue in his work.

  5. lljostes

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following! By doing so I was able to learn about your ministry which is awesome. My son works for Camp Restore in New Orleans enabling volunteers from all across the country to reach out to communities restoring homes, relationships, and faith. May God richly bless your work!

  6. hayleyandjoel

    Amazing what you guys are doing. My husband are part of an organization called Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) who partner with over 1500 organizations and mission groups. To see people pitch in and give of their time and finances to help others are stories that our world needs to hear of more. Praise God for what you guys are doing. Look forward to reading more about your blog!!!

  7. darrellcreswell

    What a wonderful work you are doing in service to our Lord. It is refreshing to read and see the lives blessed by your hands. May the Lord richly bless you. I am positive that He will as you are blessing others. Blessings in Christ – Darrell


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