Soccer Weekend (9/2013)

What a weekend. We were scheduled to play four games, but one was cancelled at the last minute. The Fall season has kicked into gear, and we have several different teams that will be taking the fields.

1235330_10201470251910732_1130443658_nOn Saturday, our U13’s played a great game and ended up walking away with a 9-0 victory. While it’s always great to get a win, our main focus is being examples for Jesucristo on and off the field. We demonstrate a passion for the game of soccer, but also excellence in our sportsmanship. We constantly receive letters and messages from parents of other teams talking about how amazed they are by our players.


We had two games on Sunday. Our U11 team, which consists mainly of players who are starting to learn the game, ended up in a 6-6 tie. That is a huge accomplishment for this team. They played with real heart out on the field. We are expecting great progress from this team during the season.

Not only are they trying to master the skills of passing, dribbling, and shooting, they are also learning how to unite as one team and play together. Most play in their apartment complexes where it’s pretty much every person for themselves. We teach them to trust the other members of the team and have confidence in each other.

Also on Sunday, we had a team play at Strikers. It isn’t league competition like Charlotte United or US Club, but it gives the youth that aren’t on a league team the chance to play and gain experience. We took six girls and one boy to play and came out on top with a 10-4 win. After the game, one of our strongest leaders, Hyuien, shared about One7 and how we don’t play soccer for ourselves, but for God and we glorify Him in everything we do, win or lose.


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Have a blessed day.

6 thoughts on “Soccer Weekend (9/2013)

  1. ddkaarre

    Wow…looks like you are doing kingdom work indeed! Keep up the good work…it is always so cool to find more people writing and talking about and living their faith journeys! What an encouragement to the Body of Christ. Looking forward to continuing to hear and see your ministry and your faith in action. Prayers!


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