Pictures Have a Voice

Pictures can be a very powerful thing. They are inanimate objects, therefore unable to talk or speak aloud. However, their silent voices can move people in ways that sometimes spoken words are unable to. This one picture speaks volumes about why we play soccer.

David M

This picture was taken by a parent from the other team that lost to our One7 boys in the finals two weeks ago. The parent emailed us and said that her son was the goalie. In the middle of a final with both teams fighting hard to win, David Mbuyu (Number 11 in the picture) from One7, took a shot with the game on the line and her son made the save. This boys mom said that she was amazed to see the One7 player walk up to her son and congratulate him for making a great save during the middle of a final.

When our teams are out on that soccer field, they represent God in the way they play, speak, and act. Sure, there have been times when they get mad or lose their cool. No one’s perfect. They are, after all, human. It’s going to happen. What matters is how they react when things go wrong. We always like to win, but that’s not why we play this great sport. We want to show people the love of Jesus in everything we do. That includes soccer. We have the opportunity to reach so many people with the Gospel using this platform.

We also received the following letter after that same tournament.

“Dear One7 Ministries Staff, Our son plays on the Carolina Elite Soccer Academy U-18 Boys’ Challenge soccer team. We played your boys’ 95 team at the Under Armour Tournament in Rock Hill. Our son talked about how impressed he was with them, both on and off the field, and how much he enjoyed playing them. He also talked about how special he thought the after game time was and how much it meant to him. We read about your program online and felt lead to support your wonderful ministry. The work you are doing is so important and worthwhile and we know God will bless you and the people you are helping. Please let the boys on the soccer team know how much we appreciate their willingness to stand up and make a difference for God. He is definitely using them to reach young people in a generation that is in desperate need of Him. We will be praying for you all. God bless.”

Our players are continuing to see how their faith shines like a light to all who watch them. We are so proud of the testimony they show on the field as well as what they share after each game. Their faith is impacting lives everywhere they go. Sharing the gospel through soccer.

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Have a blessed day.


6 thoughts on “Pictures Have a Voice

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  2. Robin Roberts

    One7 is always my favorite team to watch. Not only are they great athletes they are great sportsmen! Today they played in the Julian Brown Tournament & they were brilliant! Congrats on a great tournament! The other team parents were very impressed with their sportsmanship! I see bright futures for these guys! Again Congratulations!!!


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