Living the Gospel

As we go through life, we often miss the everyday needs of people all around us. We see desperation the most when we deliver food or clothing to apartments, where so many families are in need, .

The last two days, One7 has delivered all the wonderful clothing and shoes, that so many people have generously donated, to a nearby apartment complex where many refugees live. When you drive in, it’s like entering a third world country. The moment anyone realizes that you are giving anything away, they come running. It’s not like what you see on the news, where people are trampling over one another to get the best deal on a laptop for Christmas. This is out of sheer desperation to gather warm clothing for their family. As soon as we started handing out clothes, everyone’s arms were reaching out, trying to get at least one article of clothing. Others were pushing their way through, trying to get closer to our trailer for a glimpse of hope and love. When our donations were all gone and there was nothing else to give, some of our leaders even took the jackets off their backs and gave them away.

Part of what we show our kids at One7, is even when their life is hard and their family is struggling, there is always someone else hurting and struggling more. We are to be the His hands and feet to those who don’t know there is a living God who loves each and every one of them. That’s how God uses us, to show the world His love.

5 thoughts on “Living the Gospel

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  2. firnhyde

    Thank you for the amazing work you do. This: “… even when their life is hard and their family is struggling, there is always someone else hurting and struggling more” is wonderful wisdom. God bless you

  3. talexa9550

    There are always those who are worse off I know but to those in need of material things, it’s a matter of those who have being willing to give to those who haven’t. These are the ones who need to know a giving loving spirit and that what you get back from doing that, cost more than they could ever have given. Let’s not forget too, that the needy also just need to know that they aren’t forgotten, that they are real with names and faces and lives that others don’t live. We forget too easily what a smile or a hug can do for another. We forget that food is not the only thing that fills us inside. Be the voice of those who can’t, collect and distribute from those who have and be the comfort for those who need.

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