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Living the Gospel

As we go through life, we often miss the everyday needs of people all around us. We see desperation the most when we deliver food or clothing to apartments, where so many families are in need, .

The last two days, One7 has delivered all the wonderful clothing and shoes, that so many people have generously donated, to a nearby apartment complex where many refugees live. When you drive in, it’s like entering a third world country. The moment anyone realizes that you are giving anything away, they come running. It’s not like what you see on the news, where people are trampling over one another to get the best deal on a laptop for Christmas. This is out of sheer desperation to gather warm clothing for their family. As soon as we started handing out clothes, everyone’s arms were reaching out, trying to get at least one article of clothing. Others were pushing their way through, trying to get closer to our trailer for a glimpse of hope and love. When our donations were all gone and there was nothing else to give, some of our leaders even took the jackets off their backs and gave them away.

Part of what we show our kids at One7, is even when their life is hard and their family is struggling, there is always someone else hurting and struggling more. We are to be the His hands and feet to those who don’t know there is a living God who loves each and every one of them. That’s how God uses us, to show the world His love.

Soccer Time!

Wow, what a weekend. We entered five of our One7 teams into the Charlotte United Under Armour Cup. Five teams, twenty games. It’s stressful and chaotic enough when we have one team in a tournament, much less five. Paperwork, player cards, socks, balls, and whatever else were finally secured at some point in the wee morning hours on Saturday. First game was at 8am. We utilized our three 15 passenger vans, one 12 passenger, one Nissan Altima, and one Doge minivan for transportation. It was pretty crazy.

We don’t just enter these tournaments to win games. Yes, to bring back a trophy for each team would have been nice, but we play for a much higher purpose. These events give us the opportunity to share Jesus with people we wouldn’t normally meet. After each game, one of our players shares with the other team about One7, God, and gives a brief, personal testimony. We also present the opposing team’s best sportsmanship player a Man of the Match award, which is normally an iTunes card. It’s always fun to watch their faces when we do that even after losing a game.

God uses our testimony on and off the field to touch people. After sharing, a lot of times the parents from the opposing team will give us gift cards, gas cards, and sometimes even cash donations. These are always vital because a tournament of this size isn’t cheap. Even if it doesn’t look like we will have the money to cover gas, entry fees, equipment, food, drinks, and everything else, we enter the tournament anyway, believing that God will provide a way.

People are so moved by what they see and hear from our youth that they can’t help but feel burdened to help in some way. Our U16 team made it to the final but lost to penalty kicks after fighting through a full match and two overtime periods. The parents of the opposing team clapped for and then hugged all of our players as we walked off the field. It was amazing to witness. These people, these strangers, see something in us, and they are drawn to it.

Out of our five teams, the U14’s won the final and were able to bring home a trophy. This was our U16’s team first time playing together, and they almost knocked off the number one team in the tournament. These boys aren’t just learning about winning and losing in soccer. The lessons they learn will carry over into their lives as they continue to become men.

As all of us at One7 will tell you, it isn’t anything we are doing. God is using this ministry in ways we could never have imagined. We follow God and trust that He will always have our back. We would like to give huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the various games to support our teams. That means more than you will ever know. Also, a special thank you to anyone who has ever donated money, time, or prayer to One7. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

We will leave you with some pictures from this weekend’s tournament. Hope you enjoy.


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Have a blessed day.

Thank You

This blog post is a thank you to everyone who supports One7 Ministries. Support can come in many different forms. Money. Prayer. Volunteering. Mentoring. All of these have one common thread that intricately weaves them together. Love. Without love, we are nothing. We can help a million people, but if we don’t have love, it’s a waste of time. (I Corinthians 13)

We just wanted you to see some of the things you’re supporting here at One7. For those who donate financially, you are paying the rent for over 30 homeless children we have living at the One7 apartments. These kids all have different stories, but they ended up at our doorstep, and we took them in as our own. They all live with staff members who engage with them through daily prayer and devotion time.

Your generous giving also provides One7 the opportunity to feed these kids more than just the one meal a day they usually receive while attending school. We are able not only to serve one main meal each night for dinner, but we are also able to feed them right when they get off the bus at One7 before starting after school activities, and in the morning when they wake up.

You are also giving these youth, some who normally wouldn’t have it, a chance to play soccer and learn about being a team and moving forward in unity. We have several different soccer teams consisting of all ages. We seek to utilize these teams as a way to train up leaders who can then go into their own communities and become an influence for positive change. We also use the game to bridge the gap that exists with racial barriers. By intentionally building diverse teams, it forces players to work together with people from different nationalities.

The One7 soccer program can also be utilized as a tool for discipleship, and we are taking full advantage of that fact. Being part of an athletic team is a unique experience, and we use our program to draw kids into an environment that honors Jesus first, above everything else. After each game, one of our captains shares his or her personal testimony with the other team.

We have people that come out every week and volunteer their time to invest in the youth at One7. That is vital in our mission to disciple these kids and help them learn more about Christ. Our after school program has been a huge success since we started it last year. We had students who were failing most of their classes, but are now making A’s and B’s. It’s been a huge blessing for us to have volunteers to not only help them with their academic work, but to also take the time to form friendships.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without your love and support, we would not be able to continue this amazing ministry God has so graciously blessed. Visit our website at One7,org to find out more about what we do.

To find out ways you can volunteer, check out our Connect page.

If you would like to sign up for monthly donations, or a one time gift, visit our Donate page.


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Have a blessed day.

Navy Seal Training, Soccer, and Giving God the Glory

One7 Ministries isn’t normal.

Now we could end the blog post right here, and there would be many people nodding their heads in agreement. Let’s define our definition of normal. Work 9-5, Monday through Friday, and then take off the weekend. Yeah…One7 is most certainly not normal. This is a 24/7, 365 kind of ministry. God continues to bring the broken and hurting to our doorstep, and we will do whatever it takes to help them.

This past weekend was full of activities. Our One7 team from Johnson City came into town and brought the biggest group yet. Their limitations were put to the test with some Navy Seal training. We’re not talking about a few push ups and a jumping jack or two. This is some serious, hard-core training. Running a mile with a ladder raised above their heads, 200 sit ups while holding the same ladder and being sprayed with water, lifting, moving, climbing over/under railroad ties, and several more events. These activities not only teach vital team work, they also push each individual to their breaking point. They fight through the fatigue and pain to eventually finish the course.


We also had a total of five soccer games this weekend. The purpose of the One7 soccer program is to provide kids, who have little or no resources, a chance to compete at a high level. We seek to utilize these teams as a way to train up leaders who can then go into their own communities and become an influence for positive change. We also use the game to bridge the gap that exists with racial barriers. By intentionally building diverse teams, it forces players to work together with people from different nationalities.

The One7 soccer program can also be utilized as a tool for discipleship, and we are taking full advantage of that fact. Being part of an athletic team is a unique experience, and we use our program to draw kids into an environment that honors Jesus first, above everything else. After each game, one of our captains shares his or her personal testimony with the other team. One of the leagues we play in is Strikers. They offer competitive play and also recreational. It’s 5 vs 5 and is usually very fast paced since we play on smaller fields with walls. We lost on Saturday, but shared and prayed with the opposing team afterwards.


In everything we do at One7, our most important goal is to glorify God. Win or lose on the soccer field, we are out there to represent His name. If we take kids to eat dollar menu at McDonald’s, we glorify God. No matter what it is, from the biggest down to the smallest activity, we are constantly praising the One who continues to bless this ministry. We are nothing without Jesucristo.

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Have a blessed day.

Praise You in This Storm

As Christians, it’s so easy for us to praise God when things are going great. We thank Him for our many blessings, another day of life, and for those wonderful people He destines to cross our path. During those times, we trust our Heavenly Father more than ever. We feel safe and confident that we’re doing His will. It’s like sitting in front of a crackling fire in the middle of winter with a big cup of hot chocolate. There’s no other place we’d rather be.

But what about when that warm, cozy fire dies out? What happens when the storms of life begin to blow, and our peaceful world gets torn into shreds? In Mark 13:13, Jesus said we would be hated because of Him. There is a cost that comes along with following Christ. Paul talked about all the times he went hungry, was shipwrecked, beaten, left for dead, constantly in danger, and often went without sleep. (2 Corinthians 11:16-33)

We aren’t promised a life of comfort, fun, or undying happiness. At some point or another, hard times are going to come. A young mother grieving over the loss of a stillborn baby. A wife, with tear stains on her face, watching her husband walk out on her and the children. A family losing a son or daughter to war. A car accident that takes the lives of the parents, rendering five children orphans. The list goes on and on. These are events that can cause unbelievable pain and suffering.

Praising God through the hard times takes unshakable faith. Faith that He has everything under control and knows what’s best for our lives. The month of September was very difficult for One7. Spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Satan constantly bombards us with attacks in order to weaken the ministry and attempt to destroy what God is doing.

Here is a Facebook post last week from David, the founder and president of One7 Ministries.

“As many of you know several trials hit us this past week. We were totally helpless and used the last bit of money we had today to fill the vans up with gas @ one7. We didn’t want to cancel one7 because of money. In faith we filled the vans with all we had. 
God blessed us with a $4,000 unexpected gift that will help us with food, gas, and our bills for the next two weeks. God provides a way if we trust him to the end. A huge thank you to the family in Tennessee that God used to meet our needs tonight. Amazing!”

We knew that if we continued to praise God through the rough time we were experiencing, He would bless that, And, just as we had anticipated, He came through in a huge way by using the family from TN. Never stop praising our miraculous God. Even when all hope is lost. Even if it seems like the darkness is overpowering the light. Even when it doesn’t make sense. Even if the pain is so strong you don’t feel that you can bear it. God is always there. Always.


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Have a blessed day.

Our God is Greater

Pain. It’s an ever present part of life for some people, maybe even for most. Physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain. There are all types and versions, and none of us are immune to its presence.

At One7, we see and experience pain on a regular, almost daily, basis. We work with youth from multiple origins, backgrounds, religious beliefs, and home situations. We are all broken, but understand that God loves us relentlessly, and His love doesn’t depend upon our condition. He often displays His unparalleled power through cracked and nearly shattered vessels. Sometimes the very definition of pain doesn’t entirely reveal itself until you’ve been at the lowest possible moment in your life. In that dark place where there is only one direction to go, and that direction is up.

Most of the people we interact with at One7 have, at one time or another, been in that place. Some have overcome great adversity to be in this country. They have been forced to sacrifice everything, except the clothes on their backs, to escape persecution and flee their homes and everything familiar. They have left behind brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, and grandparents. They have gone days, even weeks with no food. They have survived some of the worst refugee camps this world has to offer.

After enduring all of that, they are then thrust into a strange land where the food, culture, and language are nothing like they are accustomed to. Kids struggle in school. Parents struggle to find work. There are moments when they wonder if leaving their homeland was, in fact, the right decision. It’s a constant battle against racism, rejection, homelessness, and peer pressure. They search for hope in a place where it’s sometimes very difficult to find. They end up at our doorstep, and that gives us the opportunity to show and teach them that there is only one person Who can change their lives.

And He is God.

God is greater than the fear of walking into the unknown.

God is greater than the empty food cupboard in the kitchen.

God is greater than language barriers.

God is greater than the intense pain of losing a parent.

God is greater than all of that, because God. Is. Love. His unconditional love pierces through the darkest pain you could ever suffer, and fills your soul with His light. His love can break through the walls surrounding the street-hardened boy who has no father. His love can melt the jaded heart of a teenage girl who had to drop out of school to raise her baby. His love can heal the scars of past rejections and abuse.

At One7, we are dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus to everyone we meet. We believe that as the body of Christ, we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus and love others unconditionally. Is it easy? Not even close. Is it worth it? You better believe it.

Please pray as we continue forward with this ministry despite the constant attacks from satan. He never stops trying to destroy what God is doing here in Charlotte, but we are confident that our God is greater.


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Have a blessed day.

Be the Hands and Feet

At One7, we hold a strong belief in the act of serving the community. It’s just a natural overflow of honoring God and loving others more than ourselves. Our ministry would fail if we kept company with just those whom we are the most comfortable around, hung out at the One7 apartments, and played soccer all day long. In our desire, and continuing journey, to be more like Christ, we feel a pressing urge to do anything and everything we can to fulfill the needs of those who are lost and hurting.

photo 1-3In the recent months, God has been blessing One7 with donations of food almost every day. Instead of keeping it all to ourselves, we believe God is leading us into the community, to other apartment complexes in the area, and directing us to give it away. We know the more we share with others, the more God will continue to bless us.

Last week, we sent a group over to some apartments that house many of our One7 kids and their families. They stopped by a local market and picked up packs of chicken, bags of rice, and plenty of beans. We added all of that to the donations we had already received. The families began to pour out of their apartments when they realized we had arrived.

photo 3-3We loaded the food onto the back of our trailer and served it right from there. For some, the meal we provide throughout the week at One7, might be the only one they eat for an entire day. It’s such a privilege and blessing for us when we get the opportunity to deliver food directly to where they live.

Romans 12:10 says “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” There is nothing more fulfilling than serving others. When the faces of those whom are hurting light up in a brilliant smile, it warms the heart in ways that the things of this world are incapable of accomplishing. It’s all about being the hands and feet of Jesus.

We dont stop at presenting items that can be seen with the eyes like food, clothing, and shelter. We also provide the hope that flows from a loving and glorious Savior. We share the Gospel, and the story of how God sent His only Son to endure the brutality of being crucified on a tree.

It’s this message of eternal hope in Jesus that will fill them more than food or material possessions ever could.


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Have a blessed day.

Doe River Gorge (Summer 2013)

Nestled deep in the mountains of East Tennessee, a place of unparallelled peace and tranquility exists where youth from all over the country go to be physically and spiritually challenged. Doe River Gorge has been changing lives since it’s inception in 1987. It started with just small group retreats and has grown into week long camps with hundreds of youth in attendance. One7 has been blessed with the opportunity to attend these camps over the last several years.

This year, we were once again invited, but with an added bonus. We were allowed to take 61 kids, which is more than we have ever taken before.

The camp offers a multitude of team building and strenuous physical events that challenge even the most fearless. Campers have the chance to scale towering cliffs, rappel sheer rock walls, tube whitewater rapids, brave the high challenge course, catch a trapeze, or engage in a battle of paintball. Doe River Gorge also owns a huge lake where participants can get catapulted by the blob, play an intense game of water basketball, or soak up some rays on the white-sand beach.

It’s a week filled with fellowship, fun, music, exercise, great teaching, and new friends. There’s just something so deeply moving about being tucked away in a secluded area where it feels as if God himself is smiling down at the sound of worship, laughter, and often times, tears of revival. Our kids are genuinely touched by all they see and experience during a week of camp. Friendships are re-kindled, hearts are once more softened, and God is glorified in every event.

Doe River Gorge is truly a blessing to One7 and all of our staff and kids. We are so thankful to have the opportunity they provide for us. Please take a moment and like their Facebook page. Doe Rive Gorge

Here are some pictures from their week of adventure.


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Have a blessed day.

AC Milan Cup Tournament (7/13)

Two of our One7 teams had a tournament just outside Orlando, the AC Milan Cup. Our U18 and U12 teams arrived in Florida on Friday, but when they got to where the tournament was being held, they were told the games were cancelled for Friday night. That meant one of our teams would have to play 3 games on Saturday.

Saying it was hot down there is the understatement of the century. It was 90, but the heat index said it felt like 100. Humidity was at 96% pretty much the entire time. Playing a 90 minute soccer game is hard in itself. Having to play in those conditions makes it even more difficult. Our U12 team lost 2 and won their last game on Saturday. Our U18 won their first game, but lost the second one. During the first game, our U18 goal keeper was injured and had to have 7 staples put into his head between games. He played through the second game with it bandaged up.

As He always does, God provided everything we needed during the entire trip. A church opened up their youth building and allowed both of our teams to sleep there. When we left Charlotte, housing was the only thing guaranteed. We knew God would provide food and gas for us. He sent us some angels who went out of their way to get drinks, snacks, and food for our players. The games on Saturday were covered, but they also made a late night delivery of Gatorade for the games on Sunday. Due to storms, only two games were played on Sunday and the tournament was cancelled.

Some might say it was a waste of time for us to travel that far and the tournament end with no standings. They would be wrong. We met and played against international teams from Italy, Dutch Islands, and Columbia. We had the opportunity to share about God and One7 to people we would never have a chance to play against if it wasn’t for this tournament. Here are a couple of Facebook posts from this weekend:

“One7 u-12 played an EPIC and LEGENDARY game against a top team from Colombia. We were losing 3-1 and had a LEGENDARY comeback 3-3 final score. Our guys played so great the parents came and ask me to send them across the field so that the other teams and families would cheer and clap and shake their hands… God is awesome!!!!!”

“Our One7 teams played through extreme heat and humidity yesterday in the AC Milan tournament near Orlando. U12’s lost two games and won their third. U18 split their two games with one win and one loss. U18 goalie, Francisco, got injured in the first game and had to get seven staples in his head right before game 2. He played through it. We’ve seen God show up and provide for our needs during the course of this tournament. We will finish today strong and do it all for Jesucristo.”

Even though the tournament was eventually cancelled and the standings were not completed, God used our guys to change people’s lives. Here are two Facebook posts from the ladies who provided food, snacks, and drinks:

“What a blessing to be a part of “One 7” Ministries. These amazing young men have gone through so many difficulties and challenges in their young lives, but God has blessed them and carried them through faith by faith. They came to Orlando by Faith and God provided in so many ways. We are so thankful for the opportunity to meet them. Please pray for them as they head back to beautiful Charlotte, NC. To all my friends up there check out this ministry. These young men and their leaders are truly amazing!!”

“God takes care of his faithful children. One7 ministry are Gods faithful children who began with one man, a soccer ball, a bible and a passion to unite children from many different cultures and backgrounds. They have since learned that they don’t need to live divided or alone. Now they share their passion for soccer and Jesus Christ. It’s a beautiful thing! I’m praying that God continues to bless the one7 family.”

Here are some pictures:

One7 Disaster Relief (Hurricane Sandy)

In October of last year, Hurricane Sandy ripped through parts of the Northeast United States. Sandy was a category 3 storm at its peak with winds spanning 1,100 miles. Estimated damage at nearly $75 billion, which made it the second costliest Atlantic hurricane behind only Hurricane Katrina. At least 285 people were killed along the path of the storm in seven different countries.


The devastation after a natural disaster cannot be counted just in dollar signs or statistics. Lives are lost, people are robbed of all their earthly possessions, and deep scars are cut into the very fiber of a human soul. It can take years, possibly an entire lifetime to recover from such a tragedy. It’s in situations such as these that God sends One7 to help in any way we can. We partnered up with Pastor Ed Cole and his church of believers in Staten Island. (Visit Salem Church website) We sent two teams at different times to join forces with the group from Salem and help a hurting community try and recover from the storm.

It’s heartbreaking to see piles of what can only be described as people’s lives outside of each house. All of their belongings ruined and pushed to the curb to be picked up and dumped into the garbage. And it’s not just wet pictures, broken furniture, or rotten sheet rock. It’s a lifetime of stories, memories, and whispers of a past that they can never revisit. Our teams met, and had the opportunity to share Christ with, some amazing people. Men and women who had just lost everything, but still clung to the hope that God had not completely abandoned them.

With tears in their eyes, they repeatedly thanked One7 for sending people to help them. One man said he tried several times to get some of his very own family members to help with cleanup, but they never replied. He was surprised, and profusely grateful, that a team of strangers from Charlotte NC would drive 15 hours to help people they didn’t even know.

Our teams made a huge impact on many lives during the two trips. Check out the pictures below. They speak louder than any blog post full of words.

Visit One7.org